Ihr Tor zum GUS- Markt

Kompetenz - Qualität- Zuverlässigkeit

Unterstützung deutscher Unternehmen beim Eintritt auf GUS- Markt.

Vermittlung und Organisation von Geschäftskontakten.

Hilfe bei der Gründung von Auslandsniederlassungen.

Präsentation der Unternehmen auf Fachmessen.



Our work

We offer an extensive range of expertise in the central business area of the CIS market,

that corresponds with the diversity, and the needs of our International and German clients.

  • Advice in the context of the planned market entry into the CIS countries.
  • Partnership consultation with simpler, and clear contracts, characterized by "how-we-think".
  • High degree of flexibility geared to the needs of our customers Market research
  • Marketing support for products and services
  • Search for new partners of production distribution
  • Support in the sale of products and technical projects
  • Implementation of technical projects in the CIS countries
  • Organization of business trips, meetings, corporate, and product presentations
  • Working with foreign technical media, and creation of technical articles
  • Translations of Russian to German, and German to Russian


Standardized, process - oriented

Thursday, 30th May 2024

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